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Boudoir is French for "a woman's bedroom"

Here is a small collection of commonly asked questions and my typical replies. If your question is not here please call me for an answer over the phone





Yes certainly.  If you are happy doing your makeup and hair for an evening out then that is all that is needed.  If this is your first time at Boudoir, it may help you feel more comfortable.  Bring your makeup and styling products with you so that your look can be refreshed during the sitting.

My packages can include a professional hair and make-up artist at an extra fee of £50.00

Know that your hair and makeup are as important to me as they are to you. My professional H & MUA will talk to you about a look that is just right for your photographs. We want you to love the way you look, whether it’s a “natural” or “dramatic” look.

H=Hair – MUA=Makeup Artist.

My packages can include a professional hair and make-up artist for an extra fee of £75.00

Know that your hair and makeup are as important to me as they are to you. My professional H & MUA will talk to you about a look that is just right for your photographs. We want you to love the way you look, whether it’s a “natural” or “dramatic” look.

H=Hair – MUA=Makeup Artist.

Yes! The women you see on my website are just everyday women and are not models. My photo shoots are for every woman, every shape, size, colour, age, etc… You are beautiful just the way you are and I want to prove it.

“We do. Together!”  I will suggest what worked well for others in the past and show you samples.  You may show me your ideas – even Pinterest samples. We will discuss what we will do in your sitting.

It is best for you to bring items of your own because they will fit you best. I will give you a suggested list of items to bring. You should bring more items than we will use so I can do a wardrobe consultation with you to choose the best outfits for the session.

I mainly shoot here in the studio but I can shoot all on location. The studio fee is included in the package price.

Both have their place. Both make my photography stand out above the rest and give you a huge variety of looks.

What you see in my galleries 1 – 6 are all photographed at my studio.

What you see in my Location gallery has all been photographed at a beautiful private property.

Hotels and other select locations can be fun too. Any location costs are yours to arrange and are not included in any package price.

That’s a good question.  I don’t count the actual shots, I prefer to count the number of poses, styles, etc so that you have a good selection of different portraits. I do not limit captured images myself, time usually will do that for us!

I am a male photographer, and my assistant and makeup artists are all women. No other men will be present.

I want you to feel safe so I always arrange a chat before a booking is taken.  Meeting me first is the best way to feel comfortable to book a session.

I will show you all the sexy poses, so don’t worry about “modelling.” I know this kind of shoot can be intimidating, but I promise it will be fun and easy. By the end of the session, you will feel like a celebrity. All of the lady’s on my website are real clients, not models so you can see the transformation from ordinary to amazing.


Yes.  Various sizes and quantities are available.  Again this is usually discussed at the consultation (chat).


I do not share any client images without written permission. I understand some women have careers or community commitments that keep them from being able to share images. I respect your privacy and will only share images if you wish.

For security, all images allowed online are anonymous and have no reference to your name in the titles, the exception being testimonials.

Of course! You are welcome to bring a female friend for support and to cheer you on.

The thing to remember is to bring a friend “for support”, a friend who is negative will just get in the way and will spoil your day.

Yes, retouching is absolutely included.

In the Chat, I will show you examples of what retouching is. Basic retouching is included; stuff like cellulite, blemishes, and skin smoothing is included.

Extensive retouching, such as Photoshop magic to make you lose 20 pounds, give you curves, etc is an additional charge because of how much time it takes. If you have a specific retouching question please ask me at the chat or during your session.

The studio portrait sessions are purchased as one, two, or three-hour sessions.  This does not include the extra time taken for makeup and hair.

Location sessions take about three hours plus makeup etc. So that’s why we only do it as a 3-hour package.

I know, it sounds long but time flies by!  Because you’re having FUN!

Unfortunately, my insurance does not allow me to serve alcohol. Also, the law prohibits a business to serve alcohol without a license. But you are welcome to bring bubbly or wine with you. We can use it as a photo prop too. Please don’t go mad as being drunk ruins a session.

Collect your favorite Instagram images to use as examples of poses you would like to try

I will send you a guide upon booking. It includes many great tips and wardrobe suggestions for your session, plus it answers questions you may not have thought of. For most women, this is a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot,  Why not choose the best – Couture for your Boudoir session

Yes.  Digital images are available as copies of any printed image you have purchased.


That’s a very common question, and easy to answer. The law answers the question for me.

The simple answer is “the photographer who captures the image” will always have the copyright of the image, simply because they captured the image.  Images are always sold as copies, hence the word “copyright”.  You can only purchase copies of images created by someone else.

Please be assured that when you commission photographs as a client by Dean McDonald at Boudoir Classified®, specific security measures will be taken to keep all your photos private. Any images placed online on your behalf will be in a professional password-protected website area that ONLY you can view. If you wish to share them, it will be up to you to share the love with your friends.

If you decide to decline to share your images on the Boudoir Classified website or any other marketing system, please be assured your images will be kept private.

All images used on Boudoir Classified® Website are © copyright protected and have previously signed contracts for me to use.

This includes sittings that have been gained by competition or prize.

Your images are not private if you come to the Studio as a free session or to model for me.

The intention of this type of sitting is for publicity pictures and you will need to sign a model release form in order to get your free session and/or any images.