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The best way to stop time is with a photograph


Boudoir Portraits is a beautifully sensual photographic art form, taken in the style of earlier times, but very much in vogue today.  It empowers you to show off your sexiest lingerie and accessories – in warm and sumptuous studio sets. Boudoir is strongly influenced by American burlesque and 50s-style pin-up images. It’s also great for soft fun-fantasy images (such as seen in high street shops like Ann Summers).   Magazine perfection – feel amazing, look stunning…


Boudoir Sessions


The Boudoir sessions are designed to bring out the very best in a woman, some images are more dramatic even abstract by design, to give an edge to his photography to make sure that the images when hung on a wall as decor look and feel like art. Women who have been through the experience often say it has given them a new beginning at that time in their lives filling them with newfound confidence and sensuality, allowing them to go off and explore a different side of their personality.

Classic Sessions


A Classic Boudoir session is often reminiscent of a ladies' bedroom scene, with warm tones and soft furnishings but can also be brought right up to date with funky locations and sets.

The Boudoir sessions were often instigated as a gift for a loved one, but this has changed as now many women are using the session as a celebration of looking and/or feeling the best they have ever felt, in looks, sexuality, and at times fantasy. A Boudoir session will give you a real kick of confidence and images to remember the experience as well as the way you feel at the peak of your sensuality.


Boudoir Classified

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If you can think of an idea for a  boudoir portrait Dean can help you bring it to life

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Timeless Images Capturing Youth and Beauty

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What is Boudoir?


In photography, boudoir is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sensual images. Women pose in lingerie for fine art photographs to share with their significant other. These types of portraits are sensual and sexy and can be empowering.

Nudity is implied and tasteful, it can even be elegant.





In boudoir, preparation is essential to getting a great result, so before your session, it is important to set boundaries.

The most important thing is that you are feeling comfortable and relaxed, this is the key to a successful session. To this end, I highly recommend a pre-shoot consultation – ideally at the studio.

This will enable me to talk about ideas, outfits, and styles so that on the day of the shoot everyone is comfortable and relaxed. Props typically include lingerie, corsets, cami knickers, stockings, shoes, jewelry, etc. You will, of course, be able to change in our separate changing room.

Where do you want to be?  It could be anywhere!  How do you want to look?  The choice is all yours…


Limitless background choices

Available at our Bamber Bridge Studio


The studio has the technology to create unlimited

creative backgrounds that match your dreams and ideas perfectly.

Over 34 years


I have more than 34 years experience of photographing women in all kinds of boudoir styles, and I am able to meet any photographic challenge. Our purpose-built studio is equipped with state-of-the-art virtual background technology that enables us to create any setting your fantasies dictate, with an unlimited choice of backgrounds. With just a little imagination and a few well-chosen props, you could be anywhere – from a French château to an English barn, the Moulin Rouge, or an English stately home. During your shoot, you can see the images we have created, so you know exactly what is being captured, and it often provides ideas for more images.

Whatever you decide, it will be the best decision you ever made, because whatever you do it will be Your moment in time captured to be cherished forever!

Your boudoir portraits are a chance to look back at this moment in time, and say out loud, “I was beautiful then and I still look amazing now!”

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A small selection of images from three complete sessions, specifically selected to show the diverse
and creative results that we can achieve from just one 3-hour session!

12 Best Things to bring to a Boudoir Photo Shoot

1. Think variety

The more variety you bring, the more portrait choices you will have.

2. Bring something borrowed

Bring something that belongs to your fella or partner owns.

3. Think outside the box

Try out something totally off the wall and fun! It can make for a fun and creative photo.

4. What's in your wardrobe

Look through your wardrobe for sexy, see-through or lace.