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Boudoir Classified® offers a one-of-a-kind, quality experience for every client. Boudoir Classified sessions are in the style of a fashion shoot and are available in the studio as one, two or three-hour sessions. A location Session is booked for three hours. The session includes up to five outfit changes to give you a diverse selection of images. All packages can include a hair and makeup stylist, whether you want to stay natural or go for all glammed up, our stylist will create the sexy look you desire.

This is no ordinary boudoir shoot! My style is sexy and sensual, giving you amazing magazine-style photos. My Wife is always on hand to assist us and I only use a female stylist on my boudoir classified shoots so you’ll feel comfortable every step of the way.

You will feel beautiful/sexy and your photos will be gorgeous!!


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Please be assured that when you are photographed by Dean McDonald at Boudoir Classified®, specific security measures will be taken to keep all your photos private. Any images placed online on your behalf will be in a professional password-protected website area that ONLY you can view. If you wish to share them, it will be up to you to share the love with your friends.

If you decide to decline to share your images on the Boudoir Classified website or any other marketing system, please be assured your images will be kept private.

All images used on Boudoir Classified® Website are © copyright protected and have previously signed contracts for me to use.

Although we do 80% of our portraits in the studio, we also have the available option for portraits to be taken on locations like hotel rooms and your own home if you prefer.

Just ask for a location session and we will be happy to quote for your particular requirements.

To get here by Bus from Preston it’s the 125 Preston to Bolton, every 10 mins, weekdays and every 1/2 hr on Sundays. You want the bus to stop at Bargain Booze or The Hob Inn Pub in Bamber Bridge.  It’s only 2 mins away and within sight of our studio on Station Road –  № 346.  Look for my Shop sign on the right on the opposite side of the road from the bus stop.

To get here by Bus from Bolton/Chorley it’s the 125 Bolton to Preston, every 10 mins, weekdays and every 1/2 hr on Sundays. You want the bus to stop opposite The Hob Inn Pub in Bamber Bridge, it's only 2 mins away and within sight of our studio on Station Rd  № 346.  Look for my sign to your right as you get off the bus, it is on the same side of the road as the bus stop.